The Audible Picture Show - Lancaster 4th April

The Audible Picture Show

The Dukes, Lancaster, Sat 4 Apr 2009 – 2pm, £5/£4

 Audible Picture Show Pigs

Storey Gallery, in partnership with The Dukes, presents The Audible Picture Show - an international, touring collection of audio works created specifically for dark cinemas.

Storey Gallery has commissioned the latest contribution as part of the Fly Art project. Students from Central Lancaster High, Lancaster Girls Grammar and Ripley St Thomas have been working with pigs, chickens and sound artist, Tim Lambert, to create a new piece which will be heard in the cinema for the first time.


The Audible Picture Show is an international, touring collection of audio works created by a diverse range of people

including visual artists, film makers, animators, radio makers, audio artists, sound designers, writers & musicians.


The unique works have been created specifically for dark cinemas. No piece exceeds 5 minutes in duration. 

Each show is compiled from the growing archive of 100+ unique audio pieces.

Wherever possible, new work from contributers local to each venue is commissioned & presented.


Contributors include:

Adam Bork - Adam Clitheroe - Nick Collins - Nicola Atkinson Davidson - Marcel Dinahet - Peter Fengler - Lee Gamble - Helena Gough - Ron Haselden - Ian Helliwell -Tony Hill - Matt Hulse - Zoe Irvine  - Charlie Jeffery - Andrew Kotting - Torsten Lauschmann - Holger Mohaupt - Momus - Phillip Newcombe - Christine Olejniczak - Rashad Omar - Denise Ondayko - Daniel Padden - John Parry - Brothers Quay - Simon Richardson - Max Richter - Julie Shapiro - Joost van Veen -  Mark Vernon