Imogen Stidworthy talks to Stephen Naylor - 'Banging On' FREE at FACT, Thursday 21 May



IMOGEN STIDWORTHY TALKS TO STEPHEN NAYLOR 21st May 2009, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Free

FACT, Gallery 1, Liverpool, L1 4DQ - Climate for Change 

Liverpool based artist Imogen Stidworthy invites Stephen Naylor,
Detective Superintendent and part of Liverpool Police Force's Major
Incident Team, to talk about language and communication in his role as
a senior investigative officer responsible for interviewing witnesses
and suspects involved in major crime. Set within the context of her
work as an international artist, Imogen presents this open conversation
as part of her current research practice, with examples of her own work
and opportunities for the audience to contribute to the debate. This
talk is part of the Climate for Change exhibition at FACT, Liverpool.

Banging On... is a new series of talks which invites artists that
work with sound to engage guests of their choice in conversation on a
public platform. The series intends to provide access for audiences
into methods of research, skill sharing and networking that would
ordinarily happen behind closed doors, and to give artists a chance to
open up their discussions to wider groups.