Struti Box





ISLINGTON MILL, James street, Salford, (for the sat-nav savvy: M3 5HW)
doors: 8.00pm, £5.

Its only a stroll from Manchester city centre, there is
a basic map and directions at the following link:

the Artiste- ( yes, singular this time, its just one man and an army of
boxes & reed instuments to keep you occupied this evening, which
means proportionally
much much less bad dress sense on the stage for you to snicker at. )


He's from Argentina but lives in Berlin now with some roots in the Jazz &
Improvised scenes BUT you wouldn't really notice that reference when listening to him. His collaborations have been
with architect & speaker designer Lorenzo Brusci and very recently Editions Mego have released this much talked about
duet CD with Capece playing alongside Panasonic's Mika Vainio.

This evenings trajectory will be structured around Mr Capece's 4 part work called “Marfa- Inside the Outside”
which appears to mirror ( see what I did there movie fans? ) several scenes from Tarkovsky's film 'Andrei Rubilev'

The parts go something like this:

part 1: 'A WOMAN ESCAPES'   for Prepared soprano saxophone.

  part 2: 'MARFA'   for Sruti box + filter.

  part 3:  'EL ANTERIOR Y EL OTRO'   for Sruti Box + Ring modulator + no input equalizer + Bass clarinet neck +
Cassette + Mini Disc Walkmans + prepared Soprano Saxophone.

  part 4: DE L'ETERNEL ET DE L'EPHEMERE.  for Prepared Bass Clarinet.

Several parts of the piece have been performed in various parts of the
world over the last year or so BUT this is the first time the whole
piece has been heard complete.
Its definitely not Pokemon BUT finally you can collect the set and only here in sunny mancunia!

The Holiday (1408): Years later on the way to the city of Vladimir,
Andrei, Danil, and Foma encounter a pagan ritual on a river bank, whose
celebration implies
sensuality and lust. Andrei feels attracted by the scenes he witnesses.
He is captured and bound in a stable by villagers who do not want him
to interfere with their
sacred rite. They know the official church is trying to stamp out pagan
ritual. A woman named Marfa, dressed only in a mantle approaches
Andrei. She drops her mantle,
kisses and then frees him.The next morning Andrei returns to his
associates on the river bank. They ask where he’s been. The crude boat
filled with the smoldering ashes
of the effigy floats by behind the group as they breakfast on onions.
It strikes their boat with a dull but sonorous thump. The local
landlord and his men-at-arms on
horseback appear the next morning, accompanied by clerical enforcers.
They hope to run down participants in last night’s ritual. Marfa and
her partner are chased by the
authorities. He doesn’t get away, but she swims toward the middle of
the river, immediately past the boat carrying Andrei, but he will not
look at her. She splashes bravely
out to deep waters.
“Andrei Tarkovsky" (from Andrei Rubilev)

This Salford Concert Series brought to you by fortunate happenstance & Ben, Matt & Lee. And remember folks:

" A  bomb didn't go off here today because the people checking out the CCTV camera's were from a public spirited
initiative to cut down on government snooping and continuing infringements of privacy laws long fought for! "
" A bomb didn't go off here today because the innocent photographer that placed his used chemical bottles in the bin
was only developing Black & White photo's of the police hitting someone, the woman that reported him will be facing
a large fine for nuisance phone calls! "