London - 12th November
Bristol - 13th November
Liverpool - 14th November


Imagine walking through a film; but it's happening on the streets you walk down everyday.

'as if it were the last time' invites you to take part in a secret event this November. You've seen the people freeze in train stations and the mass pillow fights, well this will be a more subtle experience

Audience feedback from previous sound walks

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If you register to take part in this event you'll be invited to
download an MP3 and turn up at a secret location to listen to the
track at a specified time.


When you put on the headphones you'll find yourself immersed in the
cinema of everyday life.  As the soundtrack swells people in the crowd
around you will begin to re-enact the England of today.

Sometimes you'll just be drifting and watching, but sometimes you'll
be following instructions or creating the scenes yourself.  Don't
worry,  there will be nothing illegal or embarrassing, sometimes you
might be re-enacting moments you've seen in films, sometimes you'll
just be playing yourself.

This is no requiem, this a celebratory slow dance, a chance to savour
the world you live in, and to see it with fresh eyes.

What you need to do to take part :  You need to come along with a
partner (a friend, a relative, a lover.. or maybe just someone you
want to get to know better), each of you will need to have your own
device that can play MP3s (an iPod, a mobile phone etc.), two days
before the event you'll receive an email with a map of the location,
the time of the event and a link to the sound file. Then you just turn
up and press play at the same time as everyone else.