a.P.A.p.T present Terry Riley's in C

Tuesday 8th December 2009
The Bluecoat, Liverpool
Starts 7:30pm


A large ensemble of musicians drawn from across the city’s music scene
- and an insane line-up of instruments - will take over the Bluecoat
for a building-wide performance of Terry Riley’s mesmerizing minimalist
masterpiece, In C. United by a common tempo and responding to the
collective poly-rhythmic sound, the musicians make their own ways
through Riley’s 53 musical ‘units’ as the piece pulses through the

a.P.A.t.T. – who are also composing new works for this one-off ensemble - are a Liverpool based musical collective.

One night only! Not to be missed!

Supported by The Rushworth Trust with Lottery Funding from Arts Council England