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INTERFACE AMNESTY is a programme of activity developed for AND Festival to setup informal spaces for artists and technologists to share their in progress projects, devices and products that allow humans to interface with sound, music, image and the world.

Originally inspired by the audio surveillance trade fair in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" its has now extended beyond DIY midi devices to cover the whole spectrum of interesting ways artists are developing new and old ways for people to create music and art. Since 2009 the format has coincided with the emerging Maker culture fo the UK and above you can see the 2011 Howduino event hosted by SoundNetwork for Mercy and Liverpool Biennial.

SoundNetwork continue to be inspired by this kind of work and we can see how its developing and growing as hackspace and maker culture informs artistic practice more and more.

These days we feel most akin to places like MadlabUK and DoES Liverpool as spaces for experimentation, networking and collaboration and we now have a regular physical studio and event space in STATIC Gallery.

Thanks to folly and all who took part in Interface Amnesty 2 for the end of the AND Festival in Blackburn! 3D scans, circuit bending, a window a masking tape guitar and an arduino keg of ale were just some of the things being played with and made!

And Have a look here to see long time SoundNetwork collaborator Daniel Barrett doing some practice based research in Vietnam at Tri Minh's Hanoi Sound Stuff 2010





APRIL 10th 2010 12-5pm

Waterloo Pavilions, Church Street, Blackburn, Pennines

Interface Amnesty is back at AND festival!


A rough and ready tech-folk event championing a resurgence of art and craft through technology!

DIY tech through youtube howto's, tech startups, circuit bending,
twitter hacks, Processing programming, arduinos, muios, MAKE magazine
and hackspace culture are making an impact on how we make art media and

Interface Amnesty is a temporary shopfront and car boot for people
making and hacking their own interfaces and devices to make art and

So come along contribute, get a table show off your device or just meet the makers and play!

Have a look at last year's event here

And check it out in the brand new awesome AND Festival programme

Bubblino from Jonathan Sanderson on Vimeo.



Adrian McEwan & Dan Lynch

Rather than demonstrating anything, Adrian McEwen and Dan Lynch will be trying to create a new electro-mechanical contraption to manifest an online audience's appreciation into a physical space, as part of the preparation for an upcoming Rathole Radio gig.

However, even if their new creation isn't up and running, they'll be bringing Bubblino to watch over proceedings and blow bubbles whenever the event is mentioned on Twitter.


Inari Wishiki & Simon Jones

Inari and Simon will be showing a prototype automated noodle bar device; a machine for generating MIDI, socialising and eating!


InProcess:ing: DIY 3D Scanning

InProcess:ing is an open forum for sharing creative coding and practice initiated by Cybersonica and Madlab. It focuses on the lovely and ever growing Processing language, environment and community (though not exclusively) as a vehicle to support and encourage creative collaboration and meaningful exchange between a diverse group of practitioners, creatives and hobbyists.

Get yourself scanned in 3D and learn about the simple DIY setup of projector, camera and Processing using a technique and open source tools developed by media artist Kyle McDonald - and - just like the 3d geometric analysis Radiohead did with the VRAC centre at Iowa University and Aaron Koblin.

Full story can be found here on the InProcess:ing website.

Joe McLaughlin

Joe will be showing some really simple oscillators/sound makers, that can be simply built with really cheap parts and is showing his new Arduino guitar hack!

Sonodrome design and create bespoke electronic music devices and software. Our devices are built by hand on the North East coast of England. Our main area of work covers computer interfaces, building musical instruments, electronics research and development, algorithmic music, sound/art installations, software and digital signal processing. Visit the site at or check out the community over at

We will have available four bare bones kits including the 'Posc' (a portable oscillator), the 'Straight Edge Distortion Unit', the 'Tubby Amp' and 'Mr Kogawa's Micro FM Transmitter'.

More information and samples of these units are available at


SQUIDFANNY is a well known contributor to the UK circuit bending scene applying his soldering iron to everything from a Casio VL-1 to a 909 analog drum pad and even the Amstrad CKX100. Check out his You Tube channel here 


Directions to Waterloo Pavilions

You can see the glass fronted pavilion building on Church Street here from Darwen Street, its a pedestrianised area and right next door to a café! Pictures of venue here & Have a look at the full programme here

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Liverpool's show you how and why event!


A hands on DIY technology event covering everything from household
cable tidy's, old ipod hacks, drawdios, social media and more; you
decide by contributing!

After meeting some great people at Interface Amnesty we felt this kind
of thing needs to grow and why restrict it to just art and music? And
there are tonnes of people who agree!

How?Why?DIY! aims to be an even more hands on affair with a family friendly atmosphere and lots of stuff to see and do.

This is not a SoundNetwork event it's an independent volunteer based
project with a fast growing community of people of all kinds built on a
ning site.

The fabulous Ignite Liverpool
event last month at John Moores University #igniteliv was started up
via How and why and there's now a thriving online community on there:
So join up and contribute and get involved!

SoundNetwork designer Richard White has donated the interface amnesty
typeface for the logo and we are going to do some family friendly

Join up on Facebook
And follow How Why DIY! on twitter @HowWhyDIY & use the #howwhydiy hashtag





Samizdat Presents: FOALS
The Kazimier
Wolstenholme Square
Liverpool L1 4JJ
United Kingdom

Thursday 29 April 2010


The wonderful Samizdat present the brill Foals at the Kazimier next month one not to be missed!!!! CAREFUL it WILL sell out…

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