Interface Amnesty 3


Sunday 3rd October,1200 - 1600

NOISE Free Arts Lab
42 Market Street, Manchester M1 1PW

Interface Amnesty is a friendly jumble sale and tabletop show and tell day for technology based art showing at AND festival across Manchester October 1st - 7th 2010

Noodle dispensers to circuit bending, wii mote hacks to interactive installations, MIDI powered objects and the internet of things, high tech to lo tech, Arduino to Processing to masking tape its all here!

Now in our third year at AND festival we want you to come and show what you have been working on or even just test it out and share ideas with others.

Now in our third year and featuring a performance from the awesome Daito Manabe. we will be based at Noiselab in central Manchester from 12-1600, setup from 9.30. Each artist will receive a contribution toward travel expenses a table and power and internet wifi if required.