Sonic Memories

Sonic Memories was Werner Moebius' collaboration with the CAT5FETE project; a SoundNetwork intranet.
See links to our activity at Futuresonic08 here and to the Subtext installation 
It's a continuation of Werner's project "Fragments of Sonic BIographies" for the SoundNetwork artists lab; "COLAB" at Liverpool Biennial 2006.
He is interested in how sound and music relates to artistic practice and how it can work as tool of communication and collaboration; for Futuresonic 08 he wanted people to think of sound or music memories they may have; it could be your earliest memory, your least favourite sound, your first record you bought or the last; how you approach this is up to you.
The link below will take you to the audio upload page where you can write text about your memory and upload mp3 files up to 8MB and attach an image to it if you wish.
The project is now over but you can still create audio content that relates to this project or your own work; most recent user added audio is then listed in the sidebar on the left
We generated material in the final run up to our event on Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th May 2008 (11-5pm) and then people added more material over the weekend.
These 'intranet' users will be added shortly to this online site
We encouraged people in the cafe to post audio from CD, USB stick, new recordings on site, and to blog text memories, Daniel Jones light installation responded to the network activity displaying what are essentially glyphs representing the hidden micro protocols and events that take place when we use a network; whether on a closed network or on the world wide web.
Use the link below and follow the promptsif youwant to continue the project



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