CRAZYGOLFHACK @ Full of Noises 2011


Barrow Park, Barrow-in-Furness 5th / 6th August 2011

Photo Documentation here

Crazy Golf Hack was a site specific Artist hackspace and site specific physical computing workshop  aiming to extend and support socially engaged contexts for art, technology and new music. Designed and curated by Ross Dalziel but also considered as a collaborative artwork.

This was a family friendly event allowing artists to playfully hack an existing pitch & putt golf course in Barrow Park and bring out its 'inner' crazy golf course. A mix of fun and serious interaction design it allowed artists to learn from each other and collaborate and respond to real world hands on systems like golf courses.

It was also about bringing out & celebrating the community associated with parks and gardens often forgotten about and taken for granted, with up to 500 people of all ages turning up and playing a round.

The emergence and growth of DIY physical computing and technology is well known as a growing area for artist and maker alike, but often this is stranded in a well subscribed context-less space of hackspace/academic conference/specialist trade fair.

Mike Cook was one of the invited artists who contributed to the final hole