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Oslo Opera, Kirsten Flagstads pl. , Oslo, Norway. 9th September - 11th September 2011

(Opening: 8th September 21:00)

Exhibition continues at and around Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway. 13th september - 17th September 2011

(Closing Party: 17th September 21:30) 

Glenn Boulter / Sara Christensen / Serina Erfjord / Bob Levene / Kristoffer Myskja / Magnus Oledal / Hans Christian Skovholt / Markus Soukup/ True Solvang Vevatne 

Artist/Curators Petr Svarovsky (CZ) and Ross Dalziel (UK) have ‘sneaked in’ to the Opera with contemporary artists to explore notions of space with a focus on sound.

Expect domestic technology in crisis, DIY space time experi- ments with ski jumps; the unexpected and half-forgotten el- emental forces revealed and made audible from the hum drum of daily life and objects... bubbling containers and miniature dams, stone age sound, psychogeographic walks through hacked 16-bit landscapes and the electrical components that sup- port our networked world re-engineered into endless loops of rhythm. 


“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine 

I keep my eyes wide open all the time 

I keep the ends out for the tie that binds”

-- Johnny Cash

There is a grey area between fine art practice and music, where artists experiment with the merging and synthesis of visual and sound forms. Some call it sound art, some call it differently, but it is definitely now a vital and established area of contemporary art practice.

‘I Walk The Line’ brings together 6 Norwegian and 3 British young artists, who are engaged in this kind of work. We can see their fascination by the quality of sound and it’s spatial behavior. Some work with elemental and physical forces to make a unique sound, some are hacking home electric devices and some are altering computer games. We can see dif- ferences as well as common points.

Our curatorial intention was to bring together artists from both scenes and expose their work in public space, to make this comparison possible and accessible for a wider public, with hope that we will all learn from each other. We were interested in how this kind of work can play and interact with their context in the real world; we refer to sneaking in as a half-joke but there is a serious strategy to play with the context and placement of work outside of conventional gallery space certainly, in the Opera house. Sound itself can ‘sneaks in’ it can travel through architectural boundaries and can be difficult to control in public space.

Ross Dalziel and Petr Svarovsky

The event was made possible thanks to generous contribution from Oslo kommune Kulture- taten, Ultima, National Academy of The Arts in Oslo, Sound Network and very enthusiastic collaborative effort of all the participants.