Low Lives Festival opportunity > Deadline 16th April 2012 4pm


Artist and Curator Sam Jones is looking to collaborate on the 5 minute peformance Graceless Opus: Apartment 132 during the Low Lives 4, Networked Performance Festival International Exhibition of Live Performances Streamed Worldwideform the artsit apartment on the Liverpool waterfront between 27/28 April 2012. (date and time to be confirmed)


Drawing from the 5 movements of the Beethoven Opus 132 String Quartet No. 15 in A minor, the proposed live performance of Graceless Opus: Apartment 132 will bring together classical and underground musicians, performers and 5 one minute compositional structures, to create, critique and complexify the live physical and networked transmission of truncated sound bite dialogues between 'high' and' low' culture, between 'private' and 'public' spaces, between ‘culture’ and ‘economic’ drivers.

If you area musician/performer and interested in collaborating - please contact Sam on myunclewemmie@yahoo.co.uk