Reinhard Fuchs new performance "Osorno & Pacifica"

an evening of experimental and digital avant-garde music in the beautiful and inspiring setting of the Chapel of the Bluecoat School.


2 new compositions by classical/experimental musician and Max/Msp expert Reinhard Fuchs.

The first piece is inspired by the supreme beauty and greatness of the "Osorno" volcano(Chile), evoking the stunning landscape with imposing soundscapes and layers of digitally processed samples, creating an unnerving sense of isolation and powerless surrender to one of nature's most grand and towering scenes.

The second piece, Pacifica, explores the constant movement of the ocean and the impossibility to find static in such an environment, focusing on the generating and breaking up of a wave. The same process of the forward movement of water due to the oscillation of water particles is mirrored in music with slow drones of oscillating frequencies, creating friction(dissonance) and energy(harmony) with each other, recreating the sensation of everlasting motion and undulation.
Inspired by "La Ola" (Pablo Neruda)

Both compositions will be performed through a multi-channel speaker system positioned across the room.

Reinhard Fuchs is a pioneer of Max/Msp compositions and the development of this software(he's been using it since 1985) and he is at the forefront of sound exploration via digital means, showcasing the variety and limitless options digital music can offer.

His work is reminiscent of early experimental electronic music by the likes of Stockhausen, Xennakis and Jonh Cage.

Sunday 22nd of July
The Chapel, Bluecoat School,
Church Road, Wavertree, L15 9EE (near Penny Lane)

Perfomance starts 7pm / Free Entry


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