Who We Are and What We Do



Founded by Ross Dalziel & Tim Lambert in 2006 SoundNetwork have supported emerging technology & sound based artistic practice in unique social contexts across the North.

Starting as a network for artists in the sound field, we've watched networked and technology culture grow and transform the landscape of arts practice in the North West of the UK and beyond.

Sound and music based practice has always developed collaborative spaces where science, technology and interaction take place. But sound is now just one element in a contemporary artist's pallete alongside data visualisation, rapid prototyping, arduino, RaspberryPi, Computer vision, machine learning and DIY biology.

Today we work closely with artists who respond to science and technology to develop specific projects that support new artistic work in this field in engaging public settings.

Two new programmes Fairground Frameworks and PortForward reflect this new landscape.

We've worked with FACT Liverpool, Liverpool Culture Company, TATE Liverpool, National Museums Liverpool, FutureEverything, Liverpool Biennial, The Royal Standard, Castlefield Gallery, The Bluecoat STATIC Gallery, FON Festival, Contemporary Music Network, Hope University and Cornerhouse.

Along the way we've been supported by Arts Council England, PRS For Music Foundation and P H Holt Foundation.