Open Source City Live

Static Gallery, 23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, L1 9JD

and live stream online at

Saturday 21stJune, 7.30pm

£5 on the door /free for OSC workshop participants


Ad Hoc

Disinformation (screening)

Mark Pilkington/Thought Universe

Web Stream Boat: Simon Blackmore: Boat trips running for audience setting off before & between each set.

0xA -Chased by the operators, we started to live in the empty ghosts left by the machines. As we were growing in communities, they started to claim the ownership of our seeds.Today we defend our territories and create our own tools. What is left when the ether is gone? Will you meet me at the intersection of rows and columns? The cells are fed by tasks and processes, the vesicles carry the bits, and you just can't help to see patterns in this dataflow.

- a diverse range of sound from abstract soundscape to club

beats with generative algorithms

Ad Hoc -Ad Hoc is a reformed hacker and software engineer, who builds chaoticpermutations of familiar and unfamiliar sounds using an array ofself-built systems.

Disinformation - "Tuning down into the lowest reaches of the radio spectrum,particularly in night's shadow of the solar wind, the listener enters aworld of diverse phenomena, opening an acoustic window on a world alivewith electrical activity. VLF whistlers from lightning andthermonuclear EMP ricochet along field lines of the magnetosphere,bouncing between hemispheres of the globe; storms crackle: biostaticswhisper, hiss and sigh: televisions scream: pylons and power loopsdrone and roar: military signals, the musical pulses of navigationsystems, timecodes, and coded data broadcast deep beneath the sea. Timeand space divided, live 'vivisection' of particle physics, voices, maplines, weapons, mirrors hidden by the illusion of quiet."


Mark Pilkington is a performer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music. Graduated with an MA in electroacoustic composition from the University of Huddersfield in the UK 2004.
Interested in fusing together digital audio/visual structures that can be manipulated from a score or improvised in real-time thus presenting performances that question traditional concepts of art, music and technology.
He has completed the Summer Intensive Electroacoustic Workshop at the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris, France 2005 and presented a paper 'Audio/Visual' composition at the BETA conference at FACT Liverpool 2005.
Composing for traditional instruments such as piano, clarinet and cello exploring the sonic qualities of these instruments via real-time computer program max/msp/jitter.
Mark also runs his own audio/visual label called ‘TUM' -
As the recording artist Thought Universe Mark performs electronic music - Skam (UK), Sonic World Service (UK), Mainline (DK), DalRiada (UK) and Recordcamp (USA) have released his music. He has performed in the UK, Europe and the USA. With live and recorded broadcasts around Europe via the EBU.