Sound Report II: MADEUP




Sound Report II: MADEUP

SoundNetwork invited it's growing membership to submit stereo audio work for Liverpool Biennial 2008 in response to the Biennial MADEUP theme. Look out for the free CD at the Biennial Visitors Centre at the old ABC Cinema opposite Lime Street Station

concocted / falsely fabricated or invented / a made-up story / being in makeup / put together / finished

Curated by member Daniel Barrett


Also look and listen out for the material presented as podcast on artinliverpoolfm and listening post over the Biennial period, 20th September 2008 - 30 November 2008 alongside our live programme featuring BINARY JAM 011 and SOUNDNETWORKvsFRAKASS at the Magnet


01 Mind Drift Eimer Birkbeck

Mind Drift Field recordings collected in India. Mix assembled upon return home.

I would like to experiment in presenting these recordings as hanging ‘sound walls’ if I were to present ‘Mind drift’  as an installation.

Eimer Birkbeck My practice shifts between processes and methodologies of capturing and composition that arise from my relationship to the immediate environment and our experience of place and memory through sound.
The microphone as my tool, acts as a sonic barometer, to record the aural world from the peripheral edges to the core of the acoustic environment.
Through creating images for the ear, I will focus on the mysterious qualities of human communication, the questions raised by the linguistic confrontations that occur within the public spaces of social architecture, and the power of human communication represented by the voice taken out of its visual context.

02 Di Angela Guyton

Di is a poem set to sound wherein a boy and a girl decide to make-up to take on the world. It begins with a short introduction that details the state of the harsh world they inhabit, and as this couple interact with one other it becomes apparent that they are murderers.  The second half of the song shares the same lyrics as the first, but delivered by a passionate southern Baptist preacher.  

Angela Guyton was born in Cartagena, Colombia. She then moved to the United States, living briefly in the midwest before settling in Miami, Florida. In 2005 she received a bachelor's degree in art education from Florida International University. Currently, Angela's work focuses on live painting accompanied by live experimental music.

Sergio Gato was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. He plays guitar, bass, drums and piano, is a prolific songwriter and home recording artist. His main interests in music include Americana, classic rock, experimental and improvisational music.

03 Hollow Hilary Mullaney

hollow swelling,

Hollow is presented for this submission as a fixed media work consisting of an unedited recording of an improvised piano part performed by myself, with the accompanying tape part. The score consists of six chords, scored in a grid to be interpreted by the performer and could be played in any order or inversion. As this piece evolved I began to realise that describing them as ‘chords’ in this context was perhaps incorrect as what evolved was a series of pitch rows, played as chords, where I tried to evolve them slowly into each other, while bringing them up in register without making it too obvious to the ear. While recording this version some glitches occurred and I used these in the subdued electronic part along with a number of edits of the decay’s from some of the notes. For this reason I’ve chosen to submit this piece as it responds to the ‘madeup’ theme – glitches have been ‘invented’ through the process of creating the piece and in a sense concocted from the recording process. Similarly the text ‘emerges’ from the work to give a sense of the pieces story – in terms of the listeners perception of the piece are these words ‘madeup’ or real?

Hilary Mullaney (b. 1979)Hilary Mullaney is a composer/sound artist based in Dublin.Her compositional output primarily consists of fixed media pieces, which have been performed and broadcast at a number of festivals, installations and concert events in Ireland, UK, France and USA. She has had works released on CD, on non-standard and also on Sound Report: Comfort of Strangers a SoundNetwork release of collaborative works. Future projects include the Mamori Sound Project, Brazil with Francisco López in December 2008. 

04 So On Gintas K

So On is an imitation of harmonies heard somewhere, melodies, and feelings of exaltation. But when I am trying to imitate those feelings, they catch me, and experience of bordering between imitation and the real feeling becomes very shady

Gintas K ( Gintas Kraptavicius) has been participating in the Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994.
Gintas K was a core member of the first Lithuanian industrial electronic music band 'Modus' . From 1997 to 2000 he worked as an editor on the radio station 'Kapsai' for an alternative radio show titled 'The Ways and Mistaken Pathways'. Since 1999 Gintas K has been working as a sound artist exploring minimal digital sounds, sine waves, noise, glitches, microwaves and acoustic vibration, making music for films, sound installations. Gintas K sound works were presented in various festivals, exhibitions and released by various record labels

05 Klangtas Mark Pilkington

Klangtas Welcome to the world of Klangtas a place not far from our very own.  
A world of sounds that exists in the vortex between our ears of your imagination.
Klangtas is inhabited by creatures made up from a multitude of sonic elements, organisms that float on the waves of our minds. 
Come with me on a journey to experience this strange exotic place.
On this recording I will introduce you to some of the creatures from Klangtas.  I will communicate with them, find out more about their world, their goings on within the space between the speakers. 

Mark Pilkington is a performer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music.
Interested in fusing together digital audio/visual structures that can be manipulated from a
score or improvised in real-time thus presenting performances that question traditional
concepts of art, music and technology. 
Mark also runs his own audio/visual label called ‘TUM' - With live and recorded broadcasts around Europe via the EBU.

06 Invisible Horizon Igor Hax

Invisible Horizon is made out of field recording bits, which were taken inside of an impressive band practice room. As a result the 'found instrumental objects' left their sound traces sand were re-assembled during a live improvisation by Igor Hax

Igor Hax is a new media and sound artist who lives and works since 2003 in Liverpool and is involved in SoundNetworks activity since 2006. Since 2007 he has been the coordinator and curator of SoundNetwork's event series 'Binary Jam'

07 Netherlands Against Terrorism Karien van Assendelft

NETHERLANDS AGAINST TERRORISM (N.A.T.) is a voice based sound piece for public space responding to the Dutch counter terrorism campaign. Based on a governmental brochure that explains how to be(come) a good citizen and prevent terrorism, N.A.T. was created to bring humorous attention to the fact that freedom to behave individually
in public space becomes more and more discouraged. The overall message is that although the ‘threat of terrorist attacks is imminent’ we should put our trust in the government and ‘simply continue living’. The comforting voice and Dutch accent adds irony to the (cultural) origin of the campaign. N.A.T. relates to the MADEUP theme in the
sense that its textual content may seem invented but is actually real

Karien van Assendelft My work evolves around everyday conversations. I am convinced that the most relevant communication -about identity and behaviour and fear of (being) the Other- takes place not in authorized but in vernacular language. 

I create interactive sound- and text installations for public space. Often involving the audience and reacting upon certain incidents, I act as an interpreter of human interaction but at the same time I reveal the instabilities of this contact.

N.A.T. was presented in: Expodium, Utrecht / Infowarroom De Balie, Amsterdam /  Ellen de Bruyne Projects, Amsterdam The Netherlands 

08 Behind the Mask Noise Club

Behind the Mask is a psychological drama about a sound: a recording of a banjo. We enter as our sound is being put through make-up in preparation for a role in a major motion picture. As the make-up is applied, the sound begins to envelop itself in the character it will portray.

Lights, camera, action – the full sheen of Hollywood’s great lie covers our sound in a glowing aura. The character is complete. But the more the veneer takes over, the more it becomes real. Ultimately, when the layers are stripped away, will anything remain of the truth?

Si Jones and Tim Downey (along with Si Gross) formed Noise Club in 2003. The aim was to create sonic artworks based purely on the sculpting of sound, with no references to traditional music making – the idea, to create soundscapes of imagined worlds and make-believe situations.

Noise Club has performed across the country and at various festivals, including the Futuresonic Festival, the Frakture Festival, the Biennial, the Warrington Festival of Electronic Music, and the F.City Festival, among others. Noise Club are currently the house VJs for Frakass, an experimental audio-visual night in Liverpool.

09 Vanishing Act Patricia Walsh

Vanishing Act is an audio work of long-lost, borrowed and found sounds.  It reflects on the nostalgia of ‘promise’, the manipulation of realities and the peddling of dreams.

Patricia Walsh works with sound to make exploratory navigations into time, space and hidden territories.  Using a language of resonance her work negotiates the physical void of space, fluctuating between the contrasting and converging positions of past and present, fact and fiction and near and far.  Recent work includes, Shadowplay, which was part of the Soundtrack For A Mersey Tunnel CD, curated by Alan Dunn.  

10 Hoax Caller Markus Jones

Hoax Caller consists of a series of recorded hoax telephone calls made by obtuse individuals to the fire service during 2008. The core sound throughout the piece was created using a light reader (home-made device used to transform light into sound), focusing primarily on sirens and general light sources emitted from a Fire engine.   

Markus Jones is a designer of sound, musician and phonographer, educated at the RNCM and the University of York. Largely focusing on site specific and installation work by simply offsetting our normal perception, given that the aim is to replicate a subjective experience of the surrounding sonic environment, collecting sound based on its original origin before twisting it into his interpretation of the original source.

His work has been heard across various different countries including Belgium, Holland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Austria and most recently Canada.