History Of Place Final Edit

Below you can find links to the Histoty of Place Soundscape produced with students of Liverpool School For the Blind and in collaboration with artists Ross Dalziel and Ticky Lowe.

Recorded and re-mixed by Ross Dalziel 2016 for Accentuate & released under Creative Commons License BY-NC 3.0. Thanks to the Freesound Community for their contributions to included samples, details available here and at http://bit.ly/HopList

Artist Biography

Ross Dalziel aka cheapjack is an artist who sets up activity, events and makes systems to explore how knowledge is produced and shared. He plays with how research and knowledge is produced; who makes it, receives it, where they make it and how.
He founded SoundNetwork in 2005 and co-founded DomesticScience in 2015 and is currently based in DoES Liverpool a maker and co-working space in Liverpool.

These are in mp3 192Kbps High Quality Stereo format

Complete Soundtrack (49mins)

Play the complete soundscape

Edited Soundtrack (28mins)

Play the edited soundscape

Complete Tracklisting

  1. Rushton Sea journey & Shipwreck
  2. The Tunnel
  3. The Taxi Rides
  4. Seaside Visits
  5. The Tunnel Back to school
  6. 1800s street
  7. Brush Making
  8. Rope Making
  9. Wool Making
  10. Leather Making
  11. Basket Work
  12. Piano Tuning
  13. Organs and Hymns
  14. Cooking
  15. Royal_Visit_Prince_Of_Wales
  16. Royal_Visit_Victoria_Albert
  17. Royal_Visit_Elizabeth

Recorded by Ross Dalziel with additional samples from freesound contributors

You can see the complete list of freesound samples, their contributors profiles and their associated licences here

Bluetooth Speaker Instructions & Tracklist

You can find Instructions for the Bluetooth Speaker here and a Tracklisting for the speakers here